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Staying safe should be the most critical goal for every business owner or property manager.  One of the best ways to do that is with mobile security patrol services from DMAC Security.  We provide armed and unarmed officers patrolling in marked security vehicles.  Our mobile patrol security officers keep away criminals and ensure that your location stays safe.

Mobile Security Patrols

Mobile security patrols can be used on the exterior of nearly any location. An officer from DMAC Security will patrol your site in a marked car with flashing lights on the top.  For areas that are not accessible by car, the officer will patrol by foot.

Seeing a uniformed officer in a parked car with flashing lights does a few things:

  • Deters potential criminals
  • Adds a level of legitimacy to your security
  • Keeps your location safe
  • Enforce property rules like parking violations, loitering, and more

Security Alarm Response

Depending on where your operation is located, local authorities might require verifying an alarm before sending a police officer.  Our security alarm response service verifies the activity that triggers an alarm.

At Lighthouse Security, we have a team of trained alarm response security officers.  When a security alarm goes off, we will immediately dispatch an officer to the area to confirm or deny a break-in has occurred.  

We are standing by ready to respond 24/7.

Random Security Patrols

For companies with several locations within a small radius, a random security patrol might be right for you. The officer will travel from site to site in marked security vehicles.  The rotating patrols serve as a crime deterrent.  

This is the right solution for operations that do not have a history of crime and want to add a layer of intermittent protection. It is a cost-effective solution to ongoing mobile security patrols.

GPS Patrol Tracking

At Lighthouse Security, we want you to have the best security services possible. For that reason, we outfit our team with a GPS patrol track.

This is a system that continually monitors the position of our officers. It ensures that every officer is taking their work seriously.  It also adds a layer of protection for your operation.  With GPS patrol tracking, an officer can immediately ping their location when requesting backup or reporting an incident.

If there are ever any questions, you can get immediate information about where the guard is, what they are doing, and where they have been so far during their shift. This type of feedback is not possible without a GPS patrol track.

Types of Locations That Use Mobile Security Patrols

Parking Lots

A mobile security officer in your parking lot will keep criminals away from the vehicles parked there. Our service at DMAC Security aims to:

  • Stop vehicle theft
  • Keep vandals away from cars
  • Promote a safe environment for workers and customers to return to their cars

Residential Communities

A camera system for a residential community can only do so much. When it comes to people’s homes, you want the best protection.

Our mobile security patrols will scan the area for vandals, burglars, and criminals. Our marked vehicle with flashing lights will keep the wrong people away resulting in a safer place to live.


Criminals love to hit construction sites when no one is around.  They will steal tools, sabotage the project, and deface equipment onsite. To avoid these expensive problems, you can bring in DMAC Security to surveil your construction site during off-hours.

Foot patrols are the most common approach to construction site security.  However, sizeable construction sites require vehicle security patrols.  Mobile security patrols are the best approach for protecting large construction sites.  Keep criminals away with our mobile security patrols.

Shopping Centers

Many people come and go to shopping centers. Many of them have carts or bags filled with expensive items. Thieves know this, and that’s why shopping centers are a common area that they will hit.

Our security officers will patrol the shopping center using their marked vehicle and/or on-foot patrols. They will stop potential crime and create a safer community for people to shop at their leisure without watching over their shoulder.

Our team also minimizes the number of break-ins that occur, and the damage dealt during one, thanks to our security alarm response.

Mobile Patrol Security Guard Service You’ll Need to Be Successful

Before you decide to hire a guard, be sure each candidate possesses these important security guard skills. For even more qualities a successful security guard should have, read more here.

They all boil down to the individual’s ability to serve your clients and protect the public while also maintaining a professional aura. The moment they don that uniform, lives are in their hands. There is no time for slacking off.

You can’t put a price on the security of your business. Hiring a security guard is the smart thing to do, while security systems have a role to play; they can’t protect humans in emergencies. 

If you’re looking for a commercial security company to protect your business then look no further than Lighthouse Security Service. The company is a licensed/insured private security agency that provides protection to many companies, hotels, and so on. Our security services are having in-depth training to handle various scenarios that can come up on the job.

Make your business protected by contacting Lighthouse Security today and get assistance with any of your business’s security needs.


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