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School Security Guard: I remember one day my little sister came home and told me something, which made me think about the topic of this article. Usually, when she comes home she asks for food and starts frolicking around.

She is a little happy girl of 9 years of age, enjoying and living the carefree life of a kid. That day she came home with a grave face and looked a bit terrified and was unusually quiet. One look at her and I knew something was very wrong. Upon asking her what was bugging her mind I found out that one of her friends was missing after school and there were police on the scene.

I read the newspaper and found out that the little girl who was missing was kidnapped and abductors were asking for 10 Lakhs as ransom. Luckily police apprehended the kidnappers in time and the kid was freed. At that time one question came into my mind that where were the security guards or any security services at that time.

But I was petrified. So were my parents. Believe me when I say that I was almost shaking when I heard the news first that a kid was kidnapped right from outside the school. That abducted girl could have been my little sister. And since that day, every day when my little kid sister goes to school both me and my parents feel uneasy until she is safely home. And we dread the next day when she will go to school again.

Nowadays, Safety has become a big issue!!! 

This problem of safety in schools and colleges is becoming widespread around the globe today. Crime rates are increasing tremendously and today’s lack of morals in society is turning the world into a living hell.

There have been various cases of kidnappings and molestation of kids. In some cases, teachers were themselves involved in the crimes. Cases of eve-teasing are very common and you can always find some unethical elements standing outside schools. So that is not co-ed and is particularly for girls, waiting like predators and eyeing the kids with hungry eyes.

This is the world we live in today and everywhere we see is the high lack of security services. And it is not just the kids, even the teachers aren’t safe. In my own school days, I myself witnessed a group of boys beating a teacher after school as the teacher scolded them in class for their disturbing behavior.

We understand that these educational places have a very tense environment. The kids here are growing and their thought process is very different from adults. They are full of energy and sometimes have destructive thoughts. They need to be cared for seriously. Their security must be always the topmost priority.

Bigger problems have been seen in the way of safety!

Places providing education to young minds are also targeted by terrorist groups due to the fact that these places are easy targets and full of children who can be made hostage easily as security facilities have been always low over such places.

And then they can then make demands to the government, and the government might agree with them. Because everyone has a soft spot for children and will do anything to protect them.

We have already seen several cases of mass shootings in schools and colleges around the globe, where several children and teachers were killed in cold blood. One of such attacks happened in Peshawar of Pakistan.

Not going much into the gruesome details of the attack, let me tell you that it was a very brutal attack with no mercy. You can read further about more such attacks in the link: attacks on humanity

If you may have gone through the link I am pretty sure you must have felt disgusted and scared at the same time as me. This is the reality of today’s world. Where predators will do anything to have what they want.

What needs to be done against such an issue? 

To make these places of education safe for both kids and teachers working there, some kind of security or deterrent is required which will keep an eye on everything and help those in need.

So, Security Guard is the best choice?

The best choice is a team of properly trained Security Guards or Security Services who can observe the kids and help them around when they are not being taught in class or after school or college is over.

Most of the schools now have also begun hiring the best security services or guards from some security agencies, but I have observed that most of the time it is just for namesake. They are not really ready for any kind of serious disaster. Usually, there is just a couple of security guards who are potbellied and underequipped for any serious situation.

So we understand that it is of utmost importance to provide such educational institutions with a team of highly and efficiently trained Security Guards, substantial in the number who are ready for any serious disaster. They will be instrumental in the prevention of any kind of mishappening. This will have a quick response just in case something bad happens.

School Security Guard Services Skills You’ll Need to Be Successful

Before you decide to hire a guard, be sure each candidate possesses these important security guard skills. For even more qualities a successful security guard should have, read more here.

You can’t put a price on the security of your business. Hiring a security guard is the smart thing to do, while security systems have a role to play; they can’t protect humans in emergencies. 

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