Distribution Center Security Service

Distribution Center Security

Distribution Center sent unique security concerns for business owners. Lighthouse security and patrol trusted security experts can customize a top-notch plan for your warehouse. Whether you need security for just one distribution center, or you operate multiple distribution center locations, security can be provided to fit your specific needs. There’s no need to be worried about security when you can consult with the knowledgeable staff at Lighthouse security and patrol.

Technology on Your Team

Technology today can be a true game changer for your distribution center, if used to its best advantage. Lighthouse security and patrol can utilize video monitors around your distribution center in order to give you the best picture of your building. No matter how complex or unusual the distribution center floor plan may be, you will have options that give you the most comprehensive views of your distribution center. Lighthouse security and patrol can ensure that nothing goes unnoticed, even during the night and weekend hours. You also have access to distribution center dispatch 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

Patrols That Fit Your Needs

Along with expertly placed video monitors, Lighthouse security and patrol security guards and mobile patrols can provide another dimension to your distribution center security. You can choose between armed and unarmed security guards if you need in-person patrols at your facility, so that you know you can be comfortable with the personnel at your site. You can also receive support from either marked or unmarked cars for mobile patrols. Lighthouse security and patrol security guards vary their patrols, times and routes in order to foil any predatory characters who may attempt to tamper with your distribution center. Why be concerned about distribution center safety any longer when there is support like Lighthouse security and patrol service available?

Contact Lighthouse security and patrol trusted team today in order to build the best security plan for your warehouse.