Events Security Service

The LIGHTHOUSE SECURITY & PATROL prides itself on its private, corporate and entertainment event security. Whether it be private VIP events, major entertainment concerts or government conferences, we always push for the highest level of planning, implementation, and industry-leading best practice use.

Leading the way in event security

The LIGHTHOUSE SECURITY & PATROL has extensive experience in delivering event security guard services and prides itself on being one of the leading event security companies in the industry.

We have the ability to develop and deliver bespoke security solutions for any type of event, having successfully done so for small private events and major events in excess of 57,000 people. Of course, event security is about more than the hire of a security guard for an event. It requires a multi-layered approach to security planning to protect the guests, property, and the venue. We bring a personal and comprehensive approach to handling all the necessary details to first meet and then exceed our client’s expectations.

A customised approach to event security

We provide every client with customised high visibility or discreet approach to their event. Every event has special and unique requirements like site security, mobile patrols, static guards, crowd control, health and safety etc. We understand that when you hire security for an event you need the best total package and this is what we provide.

Every organisation wants their guests and attendees to be safe at the event, but they also need to be comfortable sending them in the first place. The LIGHTHOUSE SECURITY & PATROL provides the total event package with risk mitigation and security protocols that can be deployed anywhere in the world.

Event security services include:

  • Event risk assessment
  • Event security planning
  • Event safety management
  • Event workforce management
  • Police liaison
  • Event supplier contacts
  • Media Liaison
  • Specialist advice such as barricade management
  • VIP arrival and departure protocols
  • Government liaison

Event security that suits you

Our security team will be involved in operational planning and liaison with local contacts and resources, adapting protocols to the attendee's needs, fitting within their cultural expectations and leading the crisis management planning and execution when required. It's all about delivering a professional security service and ensuring your event is managed in a secure and successful manner while not intruding on the goals and ambitions of the event itself.

Hire security for your event

We are one of Arizona's best when it comes to event security. Whether you are looking for security guards for a specific event, or you need security consultancy relating to a high-profile event, our experienced team will work with you to ensure your event minimizes any security threats.

Trusted by our clients

In our line of work, trust is everything. When it comes to event security, we have a strong track record of delivering positive outcomes for all our clients at events big and small around the world.

We have worked in a number of environments in countries around the world, providing event security for a wide range of events – from major sporting events to smaller, high profile gatherings. Trust is built through our ability and expertise, to understand the individual needs of our clients and the operating environment and to ensure the highest level of security.