Construction Site Security Service

At LIGHTHOUSE SECURITY & PATROL, we provide comprehensive security programs for a variety of industries and purposes. One industry that we frequently work with is construction. Security services for construction companies and construction sites cannot be treated the same way as other types of corporate security jobs. There is a unique approach that must be taken to ensure the safety of the construction crew and to prevent other accidents or intentional damages from occurring to the people and equipment. Here is some information about the construction security services we provide.


In most corporate settings, you could get away with not having security oversee the day-to-day operations or keeping watch overnight. Making sure the doors are locked is often all you would need to do to ensure the safety of your building and everything inside. This is not the case for construction sites. In order for a construction site to stay safe, it needs to be supervised at all times.

During the day, our team will be there to make sure the workers are staying safe and taking measures to lower the risk of accident and injury. If anything were to happen, our team would be there to serve as first responders to the scene of the accident.

At night, our team will supervise the area to ensure that no criminals deface the property, cause damage, or steal equipment. Because you cannot simply lock the door and walk away from a construction site to keep it safe, we provide that service, offering 24/7 on-site security for any kind of worksite.


Part of what we do to enforce security and ensure that the sites we manage are as secure as possible is to provide a security report to the on-site managers. These reports make them aware of any security threats or possible security threats that they have experienced or might experience. Using this information, they are able to work with our team to brainstorm effective solutions to these problems, as well as keep accurate and detailed records of everything that happens on-site.


One of the biggest problems that construction companies often deal with is the theft of their equipment. According to NICB, around $1 billion worth of construction equipment is stolen from construction sites each year. Individual construction companies can lose thousands of dollars of construction equipment that is lost, misplaced, or intentionally taken each year. Obviously, this is not ideal and steps should be taken to prevent that from happening.

We understand the risk that construction companies face when it comes to losing their equipment or having it stolen. When you hire us to take care of your construction site, we take extensive measures to ensure the safety of all of your equipment. The presence of our crew is often enough to deter would-be criminals from taking your equipment, and if somebody does steal something, we will have video evidence that will help us find them.


One of the aspects of construction site security that makes it unique is the safety procedures that the crew must follow to ensure the safety and well-being of the workers and surrounding civilians. Our security team is briefed and trained in construction site safety protocols and will actively work to ensure that those measures are being followed with exactness. They can also regulate construction site visitors and make sure that unwanted individuals do not trespass on the property and cause damage to themselves, equipment, the worksite, or any employees.


Our team has years of experience minimizing the risk of accident and injury on construction sites. We know how to ensure the safety of everybody in and around the construction site while reducing the risk of property damage and theft. When it comes to the construction industry, hiring security services can be seen as an investment, as it will likely prevent you from spending more money to repair or replace damaged or stolen equipment, or to deal with accidents that could have been prevented.